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Create raving fan advocates and increase your sales & profits with the most effective automotive sales training

Sellchology University

Sellchology University is an on-demand training system that helps dealership sales teams master skills in these 4 areas that are critical to their success in sales:

  • Psychology of Sales – How to sell through psychology
  • Psychology of Marketing – How to create and grow a business within a business
  • Psychology of Life – How to understand self-motivation, learn discipline and become productive
  • Psychology of People – How to connect with customers and create raving fans

With Sellchology University your sales team will train through an interactive one-on-one virtual coaching experience.

Dealers and managers will measure their team’s progress through tracking and reporting tools.

Experience Sellchology University with these Interactive Samples:

Sellchology University is the right choice for your dealership if you’re looking for:

  • Sales training that’s based on effective psychological principles
  • Practical and fresh techniques from a trainer who still sells cars
  • Effective strategies that are constantly tested in dealerships in the US and internationally
  • Solutions that address the challenges of today’s market
  • Educational and engaging teaching style

What is Sellchology?

Sellchology is selling through psychology. There are proven principles that influence and impact the way people think, communicate, buy, sell, set goals or perform daily tasks.

I believe that if salespeople and managers understand why a sales technique works or what motivates customers to take action, they will be more empowered, motivated and effective.

I teach dealership sales teams how to use these principles to create a truly unique shopping experience for customers. This experience-based philosophy of selling generates incredible results for dealers and creates raving fans.

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The most common areas that Sellchology will impact:
These areas will increase:
  • Raving fans and advocates
  • Energy and excitement about helping customers
  • Confidence and consistency in sales staff
  • Referral generation and outside prospecting by salespeople
  • Unit production and profit per sale
These areas will decrease:
  • Reliance on traditional media to get traffic (shrink your ad budget)
  • Objections, hesitation and hostility from the customer
  • Time it takes to help customers buy
  • Stress in the sales process
  • Sales staff turnover

Jonathan Dawson is an automotive consultant, sales trainer, author, speaker and coach. For 14 years, he has been helping dealerships and sales teams improve sales, reduce turnover and implement effective marketing strategies.

His core teaching philosophy is known as Sellchology – Selling through Psychology. This approach focuses on understanding buying behavior and why some sales methods are more effective than others. Salespeople and managers who understand why a technique works become more educated, empowered and effective.

Having been in thousands of dealerships across the country, Jonathan’s goal is to help dealerships learn how to out-experience their competition by creating a unique culture. This approach is a combination of customer-focused selling, community-driven marketing and people-focused leadership.

Jonathan is known for his conversational teaching style and common sense approach. His information is fresh and practical because he is in dealerships every month and still sells cars.

In addition to consulting with dealer clients, Jonathan frequently speaks at conferences, state association and 20 group meetings. He is a best-selling published author and a contributing writer for industry publications.

As a consultant to dealer operators and general managers, Jonathan helps dealerships realize their vision, mission and goals. Here are examples of areas he consults dealers on:

Creating a healthy culture and team
  • Developing a strong customer-centric and profit-minded culture
  • Helping define the mission, vision statement and the company’s core values
  • Strategic planning and forecasting for growth
  • Recruiting, hiring and on-boarding of team members
  • Pay plan review and modifications to incentivize and increase the desired behaviors and results
Improving efficiency in processes
  • Maximizing the facility and customer experience
  • Creating or fine-tuning the sales process to make it more efficient and profitable
  • Inventory control and merchandising strategies
  • Pricing strategies and converting dealerships to new pricing models (value pricing, one-price, etc.)
Increasing dealership opportunities for sales and service
  • Brand and marketplace positioning in your community and sales area
  • Unique and compelling marketing and promotional strategies: e-marketing, mobile, social, digital, print, radio, TV, community-based and cause-based campaigns
Jonathan helps management lead their people and manage their processes by teaching them the psychology of leadership and motivation. Here are examples of available topics to work on:

Recruiting and hiring
  • 10 places to find strong sales candidates
  • Top 5 red flags to avoid when considering a candidate
  • Structuring the interview process for consistency & predictability
  • Effective on-boarding to improve retention and job satisfaction
Creative marketing topics
  • Social media marketing and leveraging your team’s network
  • Creating community-based marketing campaigns
  • Increasing numbers of referral customers through strategic marketing
  • Building customer loyalty through personal branding
Unique Desking topics
  • Increasing gross profit by consistent and credible desking
  • Setting up the deal right by removing deal and gross killing questions
  • Reducing confusion and objections through proactive questions
  • Ethical, effective and unique ways to maximize profit in the deal
Leadership and motivation topics
  • Growing as a leader to increase your influence with your team
  • Executing effective one-on-one’s with you team to help them grow
  • Understanding the 6 core needs of your team to motivate them
  • Creating desire in your team using the 5 languages of appreciation
Jonathan is one of the most sought after trainers in the automotive industry for the psychology of sales and marketing. His teaching style empowers and equips salespeople to convert strangers into friends and turn customers into raving fan advocates: Here are just some of the topics he consults on:

Psychology of mastering your mindset
  • Sales and self-perception and how it affects your decisions
  • How to create and control a positive selling attitude
  • Achieving your goals and staying focused on your plan
  • Staying productive in your day by managing your time
Psychology of marketing, prospecting and personal branding
  • Prospecting to increase your opportunities through referrals
  • Branding, marketing and networking to create leads
Psychology of people and relationship building
  • Personality profiling – Understanding different people
  • Psychology of influence – What makes people take action
Psychology of sales and the Road to the Sale
  • 4 powerful greetings to ensure a positive first impression
  • Proactive selling to address concerns before they come up
  • Being prepared so you can address questions effectively
  • Profile and select the vehicle based on budget and needs
  • Present and demo the vehicle to build value and urgency
  • Trial close to commit the customer and confirm their choice
  • Tour your facility to sell your and the dealership’s value
  • Write up and present the numbers with clear expectations
  • Close the deal using non-combative techniques
If you are looking for a dynamic and educational speaker for an automotive industry event, look no further. Jonathan brings a fresh and innovative approach to automotive retailing, marketing and dealership solutions. His style is educational, engaging and entertaining. Invite Jonathan for your keynote, corporate event or industry conference. Here are some of his top rated topics and previous speaking engagements:

NADA Convention
  • Recruiting: To find a needle in a haystack, light it on fire!
  • Unlock the power of Tier 4 marketing to increase profits
Digital Dealer Conference
  • 3 reasons why you should care about the Real Market Value (RMV) of your customers
  • Get your mind freak on: “Where did all the objections go?” Psychology of sales and becoming a proactive professional
Driving Sales Executive Summit
  • The psychology of sales and marketing
Automotive Super Conference
  • Leadership by serving your sales team
  • Motivating your team and helping them grow
Atlanta Auto Show Cadillac and General Motors Kick-off Event
  • Adding value and separating yourself from competition
Northland Ford Dealers Auto Show Kick-off Meeting
  • Getting your customers’ attention and building rapport
Georgia Auto Dealers Association Annual Meeting
  • Understanding and leveraging the real market value of your customers
Six-figure Sale Strategies Conference
  • Psychology of sales, marketing, prospecting and personal branding
NADA & NCM 20 group meetings
  • Multiple meetings & presentation topics
Jonathan is an Amazon best-selling author and frequent contributor to industry publications, blogs and online forums. His collaborative book project, “Race to the Finish Line – Gaining and Retaining Your Competitive Advantage” features strategies and practical examples to increase sales and profits for your dealership. Here are some of the places where you can find Jonathan’s contributions:

Race to the Finish Line – Gaining and Retaining Your Competitive Advantage
Other Publications
  • Forbes.com
  • CBT Magazine
  • Driving Sales online forum
  • NCM Up To Speed Blog
  • CBT News online
  • WhyCarGuy blog

See What Our Customers Are Saying

‘Teaching your people how to think like a customer and make more money doing it!’

As one of the largest dealerships in the country we get hit with every possible training company and training vendor out there and I’ve see them all. Jonathan is by far the smartest and most real-world of them all. Not hype, not boring, his Sellchology just makes sense. He understands customers and he understands salespeople. I’m convinced he’s the best out there for teaching your people how to think like a customer and make more money doing it!

TIM LAMBERT, GSM - Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep
‘His stuff is real world because he still sells in the real world’

When was the last time you saw a sales trainer actually go out there and close a deal? Or when was the last time your managers actually wanted to get trained? That’s Jonathan! He still sells cars, closes deals, and that’s why his stuff just makes so much sense. His stuff is real world because he still sells in the real world. And that’s why my people respect him
and that’s why I use Sellchology.

SCOTT WILLETT, Dealer - Willett Honda
‘Overall our gross is up $870 per unit on the last 47 units.’

I just wanted to let you know that since you showed us the desking ideas two weeks ago we have already had a noticeable difference in our gross. On trades we have been able to hold an average of $500 per unit on the last 47 units. I’ve been desking deals for over 8 years now and I didn’t know what to expect from the class. I always knew the psychology of a customer was important I just didn’t know how to turn that information into gross profit. Thanks!

MIKE LAWSON, GSM - Steve Smith Country Buick GMC
‘Jonathan has helped us increase our gross
while growing volume.’

Jonathan has helped us increase our gross while growing volume. I use to believe that they were mutually exclusive ideas and I had to choose which one I wanted, volume or gross. Now I understand why investing in my people is so important… Thanks Jonathan for all that you have done, I am proud to say I am one of your clients.

SCOTT POWELL, Dealer - Cornerstone Auto Resource
‘Will pay back the cost of the training on the first day if not the first deal.’

Loved it. Many useful techniques to employ at the store. Will pay back the cost of the training on the first day if not the first deal.

TOM COOK, GM - Starwest Chevrolet

‘The information is fresh, it’s new, it works and it’s making us a lot of money.’

We have used Plan B [Sellchology] several times over the last 4 and a half years and it has worked great for us. The salespeople love it and the managers love it!… The information is fresh, it’s new, it works and it’s making us a lot of money.

WALTER GRAYSON, GM - Grayson Jeep Subaru




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